Ain‘t No Son

Written by:Emily Robison/Martie Maguire

I've got somethin' to say

I'm scared and so afraid

Can you take me as I am

Come what may our blood is all the same

I am still your little man

You ain't no son to me

You ain't no son to me

8 lb baby boy I bounced on my knee

No you ain't no son of mine

You ain't no son of mine

Ah forget it girls

There ain't no use in tryin'

Don't expect to get my love for free

And don't blame me

You know this ain't no fun for me

This ain't no fun for me

All boys should be boys

That's how it should be

Yeah you ain't comin' home

Now you ain't comin' home

'Till you walk a straight line

You'll be out on your own

Don't expect to save your soul for free

When you're the one who turned your back on me

Aren't you a sight to see

Yeah you're a sight to see

What you call freedom

Makes you look like a freak

Yeah you must get around

'Cause it sure got around

Don't you know that I can't