Dice Are Rolling

Dice are rolling

The knives are out

I see every bad sign in the book

And as far as they can

Overweight to a man

They have that lean and hungry look

But we still have the magic we've always had

The descamisados still worship me

We arrived thanks to them and no one else

Now thanks your generals

A clutch of stuffed cuckoos

It's not a question of a big parade

Proving we're big with the mobs on the street

You're wrong the people my people

The people belong to no one

They are fickle can be manipulated

They don't matter however much they love you

Now it matters more that as far as

My stuffed cuckoos are concerned

You don't politically exist

So I don't exist

So I count for nothing

Try saying that on the street

When all over the world I am Argentina

Most of your generals

Wouldn't be recognize by

Their own mothers

But they'll admit I exist

When I become vice president

That won't work

We've been through all of this before

They'd fight you tooth and nail

You'd never overcome them with a hundred rallies

And even if you did


Your little body's slowly breaking down

Your losing speed

Your losing strength

Not style

But goes on flourishing forever

But your eyes

Your smile

Do not have the sparkle of their fantastic past

If you climbed one more mountain it could be your last

I'm not that ill bad moments come but they go

Somedays are fine some a little bit harder

But that doesn't mean I should change my routine

Have you ever seen me defeated

Don't you forget what I've been through

And yet I'm still standing

And if I am ill

That could even be to your advantage


I'm trying to point out that you are dying

This talk of death is chilling

Of course you're not going to die

Then I must now be vice president

And I shall have my people come to choose

Two Peron's to wear their country's crown

In thousands in my squares and avenues

Emptying their villages and towns

Where every soul in home or shack or stall

Knows me as Argentina that is all

Oh I shall be a great vice president

So what happens now

So what happens now

Where am I going to

Don't ask anymore