The Beauty of Our Savage Ways

专辑:The Way After



Lust for the touch of our emotions

It's the only way to live onward for all

I can see is the hunger of the animal within

What in life is there so

Conceiving a taste of sweet pleasure

The power to crush and kill our enemies the force of might

My hunger for blood undeniable pleasures for slaughter

And death beyond your soul will grace the burning sky

Your eyes are soon to be torn away

You will see no more

My excellence is too much for your

Imagination you cower before me

My hands turns your bones to dust

You will feel the power of thy strength

And thy might

Can all of you see the lust for

Butchery and the glory of it all

A child that will never reach to be a man

The knowledge of life is at their hands

The murderous intent to kill and slaughter

A master plan to be the end of it all

Sacrifice to kill again death

Slay the weak make em bleed agony

They will drop one by one die

The beauty of our savage ways must prevail

The sorrow of crying eyes soon turn to tears of blood

The madness unfolds before us

No hope for this life is soon to end

A massive destruction of man its everyone for theirself

Screaming goes on and on what is now to become of us

The darkness goes on forever

No will to live in a world of conflict

Carry on the torch of desire

The fire burns higher

Inflicting pain to induce suffering

You are a prisoner to the land of dust

We will all burn in this land of sand

What is life coming to they will never live again

The touch of death is my need

It's the end for us all

To die and fade away