Us On a Bus


歌手:Fats Waller


Written by:Lawnhurst/Tot Seymour

Us on a bus

Riding on for hours

Through the flowers

When the passengers make love

Whisper bride and groom

That's us on a bus two in one seat

Love on every detour

You can be sure

That I'll show you how it feels

To honeymoon on wheels

With two in one seat slow down

Route twenty seven is the nearest thing to heaven I


Speed up

Start hitting sixty and my heart'll jump and thump

Oh oh what a thump us on a bus

Kisses intimating

That we're waiting

Til it's time to light the lamps

Hit the tourist camps

That's us on a bus yeah

Slow down

They'll change a tire

While we'll send the folks a wire back home

Speed up

Step on the gas and as we're rolling rolling rolling


Let's sing a song us on a bus

Gettin' off take

Time for a big time

The day to drive calls

Us on niagara falls

To us on a bus


All out swing city