Bring That Beat Back

Played in cincinatti

Wit my whole head nappy

Made a rally in the street

Wit nothin but a beat

Gotta grudge against a judge

Kick em out that seat

You are what you eat

So what you eatin

Same message to your mind

Be self defeatin

Sick n tired of bein sick

And tired of bein beaten

Saw em drop it like it

Was way too hot and too fast

For hip hop doo wop rock or bop

Aint here to hurt you

Dont hang in them circles

Government aint got me

Yet so yall dont stop me

See a stampede of fake cats

Runnin from bill cosby

What does he gotta do wit you doin you

Yall know what

Dj lord gimme that cut

Bring that beat back

Thats whats up

Feedback from truly


Gotta think outta this

Box of hard knocks

Lined em up at fort knox

To die in iraq

You dont know i rock

What you under a rock

Old cats beggin us to bring that beat back

Each generation thinks

The next one is wack

Jumpstarted in the daze of crack

R&b reagan daddy bush

Way the hell on back

Pray to god

Feel like i got a church in myself good god uh

Cant get no help

I say again healthcare cutback

Sht is wack

Bring that beat back

They say the youth dont matter

And the old dont mind

It takes a lotta spine

To build all them young minds

Some of us get ghetto at the wrong damn time

Album what we just makin one at a time

To save another brother whose life on the line

A big shot to claim some rocks and shine

Signs of a soul gone solo

Robbed blind

A very small part of half the worlds crime

Runaway child blown by an old land mine

Little ones workin in diamond mines

So cats can say whats hers and whats mine

Diamonds is girls best friend

So whys he cryin

See when yall hear it get near it

And you recognize the lyrics

You trained to refrain

And you start to fear it


Like today there aint racism

Obviously yall aint see

Black folks on tv

Judgement calls

Made on behalf of you and me

Or you and i

Do or die

I say an i for an i

Dividin line

Got the poor people

Payin for crime

Corporations gettin paid off our jailtime

Now yall can tell russell

Yes i knock the hustle

Cause 2 million in lockdown

Under federal muscle

Beyond the streets

These kids is always watchin

Watching some of these jerks

When they go berserk

So i work