专辑:Mr. Hood



Straight from the Kausin' Much Damage

Will I send it

I recommend hittin just fittin just fine

Then throw it up

Vocals for locals the whole nine

I'm blowin up

The birthstone kid I got it goin on

Every time I throw it on

Allied strength is what I'm growin on

I kick styles like maybe this one or that one

Whichever which I bust

It's got to be a fat one

Like Walter Hudson

My rhymes is thick son

So when you pick one

Man I'm gonna lick one

God style hard with no smile

Cause I profile for the ignorant child

And when I bust off homeboy I just bust at

Point blank range

Y'all think I ain't livin strange

I got this soul thang caught up in a head swang

I'm on the mic with the Gods

And I'm soulflexin'

Straight from the flock with skills

Pizazz your whole cipher Subroc builds

As is

As I jazz it up I grease your okey dokey then

Yup I do the hokey pokey let my soul bend up

Grown to be sixty-five inch

Short to swing

This hood sport is a cinch

Indeed I rap

Ghetto vocal snatch your soul in tact

Now slap your head up

Bob and catch stiff neck MC selector

The addict to this funk thing

And it sticks to you dramatic like static cling

For granted

Laps for years

I avoid troubled traps

Help me out the hole

To the brother I'll give double daps

Cuttin that old haps

To the straightening comb

Maybe twine the knots

I'll have the nappy dome

Sent to the home

Crankin with electric bass drag

Kick 'em big but won't brag

I was hittin into a rag

I don't slag

So won't you let it off

Can the MC selector set it off

Suffer the poppy my style is some big licks

Rockin it twenty-four/seven clock is broken tickless

Broke up yup I'm on

The uppity uppity note

I came my style to move

A party a part of your

With clout no doubt I gots to boom the boom

From Onyx my man to Zev X my physical

Yes I'm braggin like a wagon wheel I roll

I have my cake and eat it too and lick the bowl

I'm soulflexin'

Yo yo can I get up on this

Get up on this

Yo I'm ma get on this confusion pure

I collect dust and rust colored coins

Trust rock a mic and must grip the loins

From a ton gun a big slug as quickly

As I'm sickly if sucks some of pig

Plug my mic in discuss this tons of dust

That's been busted for a rust-like tint

Despicable duck more Scrooge than Rickle

No wins sucks no ice cream pickle sickle

Now check check check it out

I's no goody good

I wreck you're never luckin out

So get the Woody Woodpecker

Check when plaid slacks was a trademark

I made marks

Now back taxes always stay at max of stacks so

I'm a bad guy and I'll snuff with a noogie

Some do slump punks but up jumps the Boogie Man

I got a natural coppertone tan and plus

Eight hundred coats of gold in my glands

And one can on the wall one can

If that can would

Happen to fall lend out a hand to snag it

Ill ain't nothin spilled and be drippin or leakin

See on the lip

I'm speakin and be steady seekin

Some soulflexin'

The God Zev X is soulflexin'

Yeah the MC selector was soulflexin'

And the birthstone kid is soulflexin'

And the Boogie Woogie men are soulflexin'

And the S O S are soulflexin'

Yeah the God Desaad is soulflexin'

My man is soulflexin'

Haji and Sadat X be flexin'

Alamo and Jamar be soulflexin'

My man Diego D be soulflexin'

The Gods from Long Beach be flexin'

Yeah the Gods from Now Rule be flexin'

Phife and Jarobi be flexin'

Q-Tip and Ali be flexin'

Posdonus and Dove be cold flexin'

Maceo Maceo be flexin'

Superman Clark Kent be flexin'

Richie Rich and 3rd Bass soulflexin'

The cracker cracker Crackerjacks be flexin'

And the L O N S be soulflexin'

And the H2O be soulflexin'

And cleck the staff be soulflexin'

Stanley Winslow be soulflexin'

And the cure be soulflexin'

And my man Ghi Bee be soulflexin'

And the engineer Ganz be soulflexin'

And Dante is like the worst person

Yoooooooo OUT