Surf‘s Up: Piano Demo (Master Take)

A diamond necklace played the pawn

Hand in hand some drummed along oh

To a handsome man and baton

A blind class aristocracy

Back through the opera glass you see

The pit and the pendulum drawn

Columnated ruins domino

Hung velvet overtaken me

Dim chandelier awaken me

To a song dissolved in the dawn

The music hall a costly bow

The music all is lost for now

To a muted trumperter swan

Columnated ruins domino

Canvass the town and brush the backdrop

Are you sleeping brother john

Dove nested towers the hour was

Strike the street quicksilver moon

Carriage across the fog

Two step to lamp lights cellar tune

The laughs come hard in auld lang syne

The glass was raised the fired rose

The fullness of the wine the dim last toasting

While at port adieu or die

A choke of grief hard hardened I

Beyond belief a broken man too tough to cry

Surf's up

Aboard a tidal wave

Come about hard and join

The young and often spring you gave

I heard the word

Wonderful thing

A children's song