Throguh It All

Night is closing in on me again

And I don't know if I can make it through this time

Someone tell me why

I miss what's never been

Someone tell me why

I wish that I could change your mind

'Cause it is all to clear

Your heart's no longer here

And I am merely caught up in the fall

And I don't know what to do

Don't know if I'm a fool

I only know I loved you through it all

The world awakes us all in different means

Some went out to meet it

Some just let it go

It never was my plan to be this way

Sorry if you feel you wouldn't last too long

For now lets just pretend

We are what could have been

Allow our hearts just one last chance to open

All these things we can not change and now is that way

I loved you through it all is all I know

I can't make you change your mind

And I can't change what's in my heart

I guess I didn't see the signs

So here we are

Here we are

I will be okay I will be strong

I'll not ask for promises or hold you down

Tell me somewhere in your heart I still belong

And I'll believe you're feeling what I'm feeling now

Memories will fade the laughter in the days

Just different shades of color to recall

Never change the way you are

I'm just following my heart

Always know I loved you