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N.Y. State of Mind(Explicit)

N.Y. State of Mind(Explicit)


专辑: Greatest Hits 发行时间: 上传时间 2007-11-02 歌曲来源:

N.Y. State Of Mind (Explicit Album Version) - Nas


Yeah yeah aiyyo black it's time (word )

是的 是的 黑人兄弟 是时候了

(Word it's time ni**a )

就是现在吗 伙计

Yeah it's time man (aight ni**a begin)

是的 就是现在兄弟

Yeah straight out the f**kin dungeons of rap


Where fake niggaz don't make it back


I don't know how to start this sh*t yo now

我不知道要怎么开始才好 但是现在

Rappers I monkey flip em with the funky rhythm I be kickin

一个放克筋斗 我已干翻一票说唱歌手

Musician inflictin composition

我就是音乐家 谱写这乐章

Of pain I'm like Scarface sniffin coc*ine

为了克服痛苦 我就像疤面煞星那样吸着***

Holdin a M-16 see with the pen I'm extreme now

不过他是拿着M16机枪扫射 而我现在用笔就能将杀伤力发挥到极致

Bulletholes left in my peepholes


I'm suited up in street clothes

球衣加身 我开始巡游

Hand me a nine and I'll defeat foes

给我把九毫米手枪 我就能干掉敌人

Y'all know my steelo with or without the airplay

无论是否收听电台 你们都会知道我的风格,

I keep some E&J sittin bent up in the stairway

醉卧街边 喝着E&J的白兰地

Or either on the corner bettin Grants with the celo champs


Laughin at baseheads tryin to sell some broken amps

烂针头当破音器 真是脑子秀逗

G-Packs get off quick forever niggaz talk sh*t

我们花钱如流水 我们总是满嘴跑火车

Remeniscing about the last time the Task Force flipped


Niggaz be runnin through the block shootin


Time to start the revolution catch a body head for Houston

是该有所行动的时候了 他们可能会穷追不舍到休斯顿那么远的地方

Once they caught us off guard the Mac-10 was in the grass and

曾经因为放松警惕让他们找到了我 而一只对讲机被遗落在草地上

I ran like a cheetah with thoughts of an assassin


Pick the Mac up told brothers "Back up " the Mac spit

捡起那只对讲机 冲着它喊话 让兄弟们过来支援

Lead was hittin niggaz one ran I made him backflip

我对他们进行了一轮扫射 我击中了其中一人 他仰面倒下

Heard a few chicks scream my arm shook couldn't look

我听到了一些女人在尖叫 我的胳膊在颤抖 视线模糊

Gave another squeeze heard it click yo my sh*t is stuck

我重新装弹 听着子弹上膛的声音 突然我的枪膛卡住了

Try to cock it it wouldn't shoot now I'm in danger

试着扣动扳机 但它无法射出子弹 我正身临险境

Finally pulled it back and saw three bullets caught up in the chamber

最后我回过头 眼睁睁地看着三颗子弹击中了我的太阳穴

So now I'm jetting to the building lobby


And it was filled with children probably couldn't see as high as I be


(So whatchu sayin ) It's like the game ain't the same

那么你要说什么 只是俯视这场游戏的感觉有所不同

Got younger niggaz pullin the triggers bringing fame to they name


And claim some corners crews without guns are goners


In broad daylight stickup kids they run up on us

在光天化日下**孩子 他们习以为常

Fo'-fives and gauges Macs in fact


Same niggaz'll catch a back to back snatchin yo' cracks in black

到了晚上他们就像打背靠背比赛一样 马不停蹄地四处贩毒

There was a snitch on the block gettin niggaz knocked

但是街区也有给条子告密的眼线 他们会让这些**子吃不了兜着走

So hold your stash until the coke price drop

所以买家付账之前 别把你的货给亮出来

I know this crackhead who said she gotta smoke nice rock

我知道有个粉儿姐 她说她只会抽些狠货

And if it's good she'll bring ya customers in measuring pots but yo

如果对她胃口 她也会把自己给你们这些顾客抽上一口

You gotta slide on a vacation

但是你们可别** 在该去度假的时候还赖着不走

Inside information keeps large niggaz erasin and they wives basin

潜藏在街头深处的信息无处不在 麻痹大意的家伙难逃一死 不堪诱惑的女人吸上了毒

It drops deep as it does in my breath


I never sleep cause sleep is the cousin of death

我不会睡着 因为睡眠是死亡的温床

Beyond the walls of intelligence life is defined

我们的生活都已经被定义 在超越我们智慧之墙的上方

I think of crime when I'm in a New York state of mind

当我身处心中的纽约 思考的是这里的罪恶

Be havin dreams that I'ma gangster -- drinkin Moets holdin Tecs

我一直都有当个绑匪的梦想 握着Tec-9手枪 喝着酩悦香槟

Makin sure the cash came correct then I stepped

我能从白手起家 到财源广进

Investments in stocks sewein up the blocks

驰骋股市 奔走市区

To sell rocks winnin gunfights with mega cops

去贩毒 还得赢下跟许多条子的枪战火拼

But just a ni**a walking with his finger on the trigger

我只是一个在街头游荡 随时准备扣下扳机的家伙

Make enough figures until my pockets get bigger


I ain't the type of brother made for you to start testin


Give me a Smith and Wessun I'll have niggaz undressin

只要给我把史密斯威森的左轮手枪 我就能把那些家伙干掉

Thinkin of cash flow buddah and shelter

说到现金流 **和我们的避难所

Whenever frustrated I'ma hijack Delta

无论遭遇何种挫折 我依然保持强硬

In the P J 's my blend tape plays bullets are strays

住在皇后桥住宅区里 听着我的混音辑和窗外偶尔传来的枪声

Young b**ches is grazed each block is like a maze

年轻的女人抽着那玩意在每个街区里游荡 好像身处迷宫之中

Full of black rats trapped plus the Island is packed

街道里全是黑色的老鼠乱窜 而且监狱里也被塞得满满的

From what I hear in all the stories when my peoples come back black


I'm livin where the nights is jet black


The fiends fight to get crack I just max I dream I can sit back

看着朋友为了抢**而反目成仇 我冷眼旁观 只是希望我能够休息一下

And lamp like Capone with drug scripts sewn

可以把阿尔卡彭当做指路明灯 在刀尖上舔血也在所不惜

Or the legal luxury life rings flooded with stones homes

或者选择过合法的奢靡生活 带着镶满钻石的戒指 住着豪宅

I got so many rhymes I don't think I'm too sane

我可以用太多的韵脚来描述这些 只是我觉得自己不是很清醒

Life is parallel to Hell but I must maintain

因为在这儿的生活如同地狱 而我却必须继续下去

And be prosperous though we live dangerous

尽管我们生活在危险之中 也照样能兴旺发达

Cops could just arrest me blamin us we're held like hostages

条子只是像挟持人质一样将我们逮捕 盘问我们

It's only right that I was born to use mics


And the stuff that I write is even tougher than dice


I'm takin rappers to a new plateau through rap slow

我慢慢地说唱着 把其他的说唱歌手带上了一个新的高度

My rhymin is a vitamin Hell without a capsule


The smooth criminal on beat breaks


Never put me in your box if your sh*t eats tapes

别把我的歌放入你们的收音机 它们会把我的磁带吃掉

The city never sleeps full of villians and creeps

在这不眠的城市 全是声名狼藉的恶人

That's where I learned to do my hustle had to scuffle with freaks

那也是我知道靠贩毒赚钱 也必须和荡妇打交道的地方

I'ma addict for sneakers twenties of buddah and b**ches with beepers

我为运动鞋 **和带着寻呼机的小妞而着迷

In the streets I can greet ya about blunts I teach ya


Inhale deep like the words of my breath

深深地吸一口 就像去把我的言语给消化

I never sleep cause sleep is the cousin of death

我不会睡着 因为睡眠是死亡的温床

I lay puzzle as I backtrack to earlier times

每当我追溯往昔 我就能放下现实的谜团

Nothing's equivalent to the new york state of mind

我心中的纽约 没有任何东西可以取代



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